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Gallery Zella features the fine art photography of area locals: Brian Hannum, Douglas Cavanah, Drew Campbell, & Zella
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Brian Hannum has spent a lifetime as an artist.  Retired engineer, Brian is a former "rocker" turned classical guitarist. Today he is a lyrical amateur pianist, dedicated photographer, and published poet.  He is a true renaissance man.  His images capture nature's jokes, reflections, and serenity while his poetry exudes wisdom, tenderness, and empowerment. Visit his dedicated showroom and experience Brian's world of poetry, music, and photography at Gallery Zella.  Brian is partner in life and in business with Zella; they are the  local proprietors of Bryson City's Gallery Zella.  Zella feels continually blessed to have such a gifted man in her life.  Gallery Zella is proud to represent Brian's rare, authentic, and fresh perspective as exhibited in his fine art photographs, poetry, and music.

Zella Jackson Hannum launched her first series of

fine art photographs Summer 2020.  An engineer by training,

college professor, author, professional speaker & business

consultant by profession, Zella retired to Bryson City along

with her talented husband, Brian.  After fourteen years of

selecting,  publishing, and framing his fine art photos, Zella

developed her own "eye" for composition, color and style. She

enjoys vibrant colors and the punch of natural light on the

beautiful landscapes of western north Carolina.  She is also

taking painting workshops and practicing her skills while in

the gallery; stay tuned for more of her paintings. Stop by and

chat with her about her journey from business and science the arts.

Douglas Cavanah has traveled the world dedicated to creating compelling and powerful life-size dimension photographic panoramas.  Douglas uses light and weather as his "paint"; nature's atmosphere and colors to express emotion. His desire to record the natural splendor of the world drives him to surrender his time and passion to photography for nearly 40 years.  A master photographer who routinely acquires expansive custom photo shoot projects by Fortune 500 firms. These projects allow him to camp and hike throughout the country - a true passion for Doug - so he can await the perfect image.  In so doing, he continually hones his skill as a field observer and fine art photographer. Gallery Zella is proud to have his unique nature-inspired artwork in the gallery.


Drew Campbell is a self-described nature photographer and a long time resident of Western North Carolina.  He is currently exhibiting in two galleries including Gallery Zella. Drew routinely participates in many exhibitions and shows throughout the North Carolina area.  Drew also teaches photography at Southwestern Community College and at the John C Campbell Folk School on a regular basis.  Drew has loved photography since he was a young boy when he enjoyed experimenting taking photos with a Brownie box camera.  Drew loves to find unique and unusual lighting situations that highlight nature’s beauty in unexpected ways. A bona fide world traveler/trekker, he watches religiously the night sky phenomena then journeys to places like Grandfather Mountain to capture the Milky Way.  Long retired and well into his seventies, he hiked in the Yukon to capture the  Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis is a grand natural wonder "high-altitude light show" that Campbell has captured and so many of his collectors admire. Drew finds the Western North Carolina mountains, the national parks across the country and other natural wonders around the world inspiration for his adventurous photo shoots. 

Superior Quality Fine Art Photographs

All of our fine art photography is printed in the USA using the highest quality inks on archival materials such as canvas and premium satin finished paper on ultra foam.  In addition, our fine art photographers publish their artwork on metal for a brilliant, luminescent image. These metal prints are unsurpassed for longevity, exquisite beauty, and artistic drama. All of our fine art photographic prints are created for collectors.  With proper care, these highly collectible works will provide multi-generational enjoyment.


Hannum, Cavannah, and Campbell's fine art photographs are available in Gallery Zella along with over 25,000 archived images available for custom orders.  These tens of thousands of images represent three lifetimes of photography work by three passionate photographers.


From affordable open edition canvas slim wraps suitable for desktop display to limited edition  20" X 30" metal, canvas, or ultra foam prints suitable for over your fireplace, and 20" X 60" canvas or metal panoramas to punctuate your family room ~ Gallery Zella has the widest range of Western North Carolina fine art imagery available in the region.


Limited Edition Prints on Paper, Canvas & Metal

Paper Prints are with archival inks onto lustrous acid-free paper then mounted onto ultrafoam; a dense, rigid substrate that does not warp over time and is resistant to denting, bending, and crushing. Our premium archival inks produce images with smooth tones and rich colors.  The result is a beautiful crisp image that will stand the test of time. A UV coating ensures color stability for about 70 to 100 years*.


Canvas Prints are produced the same way as paper prints except the images are printed directly onto canvas.  These provide the soft painterly look that appeals to many collectors.  A UV coating ensures color stability projected to last 70 to 100 years*.


Metal Prints preserve fine art photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets thereby ensuring superior color stability. The images have brilliant luminosity,  breathtaking detail,  and vibrant colors that are unsurpassed.  They are weather and moisture resistant. The color stability of Gallery Zella's metal prints is nearly 200 years*.


                        *All color  stability estimates are for fine art photographs exhibited

                                      in a typical home setting with normal light exposure.

Fiery Sunset Triptych 3 10X20.jpg

"Fiery Sunrise lll" by Zella

A Sampling of Available Prints

"Sylva Sunset"

BlueBalsamRidgeSunrise 20X30 300dpi.jpg
"Blue Balsam Ridge Sunrise"
"Mountain Veils"
"Promised Land"
"Top of the Smokies"
"Majestic Morning"
Fiery Sunrise by Zella.jpg
"Fiery Sunrise l"
"God's Eye"
"Fontana Sunrise"
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